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Our Church History

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Sun City Center, Florida was born on June 7, 1970, according to our official birth certificate.  In reality our church was conceived in the hearts and minds of a few faithful Presbyterians in the Fall of 1967. Yearning for the privilege of worshiping within their denominational tradition, they petitioned the Presbytery of West Florida to conduct a feasibility study to see if a new Presbyterian Church could be planted in tiny Sun City Center. Dr. Paul Chalfant conducted the study, and concluded that there was indeed promise for a strong church here.

Before the building was constructed, a group of twenty-one persons met each Sunday at Town Hall, and on January 7, 1968, pledged themselves to be the organizing nucleus of a new congregation. Ground-breaking for the sanctuary was held in May of 1971.

The first worship service in the new building was held on Christmas Eve, 1971 and the consecration of the people and the building was observed on March 12, 1972.

The corporate name “St. Andrew” was taken from Christ’s Disciple Andrew who is patron saint of Scotland, homeland of many American Presbyterians. From the date of its conception until 1980 St. Andrew Church was served by retired pastors who faithfully devoted themselves to Christ’s new work in Sun City Center. During their tenure our congregation grew to over 400 members.

In August 1977, during a lightning storm, the Church building caught fire. Many of the sanctuary furnishings and a great part of the building were destroyed. On that occasion, Dr. Ted Yeates said to his beleaguered flock: “Whenever there’s a tragedy like this, God has a way of making us better people in the long run because of it.”

Rebuilding and restoration followed rapidly and St. Andrew Church resolved anew to be a strong witness for Christ in its community and the world. This resolution to face the future faithfully, courageously, and confidently was manifested anew in 1983 with the addition of Fellowship Hall.

Again, in 1992 our rapidly growing congregation committed itself to the expansion of our entire church building in order to accommodate those who will be worshiping and serving God with us into the twenty-first century.

The completion and dedication of “The Garden at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church” as a place of memorial occurred in 1996.

Pastor Edwin Giovanni Gonzalez-Gertz preached his first sermon on Easter morning April 4, 2021.  He introduced the concept of 'M&M' worship – Meaningful and Memorable - and, along with the church leadership, has been working to reinstate St Andrew's place in the community.

Our Uniqueness

  • We are Reformed in Theology, embracing God's sovereignty, biblical inspiration and discovering ways to respond God's Grace

  • We are Presbyterian in Polity, Elder leadership, emphasizing the unity of the body and dedicated to discern the will of Christ, the Head of the Church

  • We are Creative in Worship, bringing together the ancient, traditional, contemporary, and, with our own creations, we attempt to present an M&M (Meaningful & Memorable) worship experience

  • We are one congregation, with many voices ... respecting all and accepting all

  • We are inclusive, diverse and affirming of God's love as the redeeming community of the Beloved